Annick lives in Southern Arizona and works as a professional, dedicated and driven French Interpreter providing over-the-Phone services to healthcare insurance companies, government agencies, transportation services and you name it, since February 2011.

Annick was born and raised in France in January 1953. She spends her free time bringing about unity by using her creative talents and organizational skills in service to others. Annick who is an entrepreneur in many ways, creative and an excellent Photographer, Web Designer  and Event Producer has also opened a French Creperie, in New Jersey in 2002 but then decided to move back to France in 2005... C'est la vie!

Annick traveled to Ivory Coast, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Israel, Canada and Costa Rica. She lived in New Jersey for 31 years and worked for different companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb,
an American pharmaceutical company in Princeton, NJ. In 2008, she  worked as a Volunteer Program Assistant at Desert Rose Baha'i Institute in Eloy, Arizona. Early 2010, looking for new entrepreneurial opportunities, she then decided to move to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica but then moved back to Tucson looking for more the sun and a dry climate.

image-centerAnnick was/is the publisher of “Treasures of Wonderment,” a free online magazine “promoting positive change through creative living.” She produced the “New Jersey Independent Music Festival” in 2003 and 2004, and in March 2012, produced the 1st free “Playing for Unity in Diversity” Music Festival in Arizona, hosted by Old Tucson. She is hoping that her love for Music and the Arts is playing an important role in promoting world unity. A wonderful way to celebrate -unity in diversity. Though today, she feels that promoting community life is crucial.  She says "I feel it is time for all of us to spend our energy within our own neighborhood instead of sitting down in front of the computer reading about every one's vacation around the world or discover who just got married and so on... " We should never think of slowing down, she says.

Beyond Tolerance

“Bahá’u’lláh has proclaimed the oneness of the world of humanity. He has caused various nations and divergent creeds to unite. He has declared that difference of race and color is like the variegated beauty of flowers in a garden. If you enter a garden, you will see yellow, white, blue, red flowers in profusion and beauty — each radiant within itself and although different from the others, lending its own charm to them. Racial difference in the human kingdom is similar. If all the flowers in a garden were of the same color, the effect would be monotonous and wearying to the eye. [Bahá’í International Community: http://www.bahai.org/]