Born and raised in a small city of Villefranche-sur-Saône, France, I lived for 24 years in France; 31 years in New Jersey and the rest of my life in most beautiful and mystical Arizona.

Music will forever be a social experience that allows us to get together and enjoy each other while taking the time to learn how to work as one sould to make this world a better place. Religion is the basic of our knowledge. It's a way of life but it takes time, work, effort, desire, discipline, unconditional love to really bring change and empower everyone to live well and be happy. Get rid of politics which are dividing us. Let's not take sides and have opinions on them... It's not an easy thing to do, and I'm the first one to be guilty of getting upset at what is going on but that is why we must focus on what is the truth and that is to make a difference around us and not judge others. Another reason why, I bilieve that Music and Dance, are the best tools for us to have to bring us all together. Rise, think for yourslef and Sheep no more, I say.

In 2003,
I started organizing events to bring people together using Music and Dance. My first event was: New Jersey Independent Music Festival. It was a wonderful public event hosted at the Mayor's farm. The Baha'is of Lawrenceville, NJ were so kind and generous with their time and service. We were one big family!

In March 2012, I organized “Playing for Unity in Diversity[website]  hosted by The Old Tucson in Arizona. What a beautiful stage! Thank you, Old Tucson. Arizona is not as awake as New Jersey but who knows... People are different everywhere. Actually, Tucson is supposed to be a very artsy town... Go figure!

In 2009, I have published “Treasures of Wonderment”, a free online magazine promoting positive change through creative living. Unfortunately, I haven't been working on it much lately. [Website]